About Pandurang Electricals

Who We Are

Around in the early eighties electric pump reached all over the India. and later in the decade of 90s people need to repair the inflammation pumps and eliminating the need of people Mr. Murlidhar Dhondiba Dhawale start to serve them rewinding their water pump. and solving their electrical nonconformities. after learning art their son Mr. Pandurang Muralidhar Dhawale dream to make it large to change with changing flow of Modern growing India.

In 2004 Mr. Pandurang had started business with small shop name Pandurang Electricals. the journey of Pandurang Electricals had begun from 2004. now after a decade Pandurang electrical grown up well known for its Princess and quality in western Maharashtra. within this journey of a decade we had started few more businesses known as Pandurang suppliers, Pandurang traders, K M Electricals.

So this pillar of growth Pandurang is making presence in manufacturing services and trading. we do not have tempted old and experienced but we have proud of service and quality. because you believe that faith is greater than experience. starting point of moving the mastery is to raise the Expectations you set yourself. and we are continuously moving in class 15 years we are regularly going from last 15 years our goals are being better consistently.

Our Commitment

As we create three things at PE as belief service and gratitude, the second thing we built is service which is all about the commitments. here are our policies to show our commitments about service, productivity, safety and growth

Through these policies we create our brand we solve problems focus on engineering networks and operations but what makes us special is how we work with our customers. To us problem opportunities use our designing skills and industry knowledge. Koi make them more capable more flexible more competitive should I get to market faster and reach further

Quality policy
environment health and safety
Service policy

Group Companies

Pandurang Electricals
L-153, nagapur MIDC area ,Ahmednagar – 414111
Pandurang Suppliers
N-80 nagapur midc area Ahmednagar – 414111
Pandurang Traders
X-7 , nagapur midc area Ahmednagar – 414111
K.M. Electricals
L-153 / gate no 2 , nagapur midc area Ahmednagar – 414111
Pandurang Enterpries
Gat No 102/1, grampanchyat nimblak, Ahmednagar – 414111